In balance with nature

Orthomolecular medicine is all about the nutrition which is already present in your body, and in nature. That means that we are talking about vitamins and minerals that supports the bodily functions in giving you more strength and helping you detox, so that you can become the person you have a chance of being.


Only the best nutrition

The vitamins and minerals that we recommend are chosen after the bioavailability ( it`s ability to be absorb by the body), how cheap they are, how many ingredients that re useless fillers when you are megadosing, we want them to be GMO free and if it is possible then get your vitamins from wholefoods. In some cases your are not able to get the amount of vitamins for therapeuthic purposes through whole foods, that is espeically the case when megadosing vitamin C. Then by all means, do the synthetic ones, they are not harmfull.

The best ingredients

The best ingredients

Nature is generous. It gives us what we need.

Health counts

Health counts

When it all adds up, health wins.

The best packaged products

The best packaged products

All the vitamins you will find here are high end brands, tested again and again.

I suffer from genetic periodontitis that with the help of megadosing vitamin c has gotten to a point where all my teeth are firm again, and my gums are pink. All that within a week.
Jimi Hove
Jimi Hove
Online Marketing
Co-Q10 is good for repairing damaged body tissue, and that is why it is often recommende by health-consiuous dentist in america. If you got a doctor or a dentist that doesn`t give you advice on how yo live healthy, and just want to treat you when your sick, your alarmbells should be ringing.
Tom Stuart Willsbury
Tom Stuart Willsbury
I love megadosing on Niacin (vitamin B3). It has made me much less emotionally volatile. I get along better with my girlfriend, on my job and I rarely become depressed anymore. I am alsom megadosing on magnesium. It helps me relax.
Johnny Patrell
Johnny Patrell

Old or young

Old or young. We all need our health. Being healthy is a daily choice where you pledge to take care of yourself. Unfortunately healthy foods can`t do it all, and this is why we supplement.

For all ages

At iherb.com you will find vitamins and minerals for all your needs, no matter your age.

Health is #1

I have had the luck to make a good amount of money, but when I got seriously ill, I realised it wasn`t worth anything. Now I have other priorities

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All natural

Vitamins and minerals are already making your body and brain function. Now you just add extra power.

A pill a day

If you choose a pill, let it be a healthy pill. Choose vitamins.

Yes, I would like to buy my supplements on Iherb.com. Probably the cheapest, and most acclaimed health site in the world.

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